Profit percentage growth

by increasing the ETH on the smart contract!

You can attract friends and acquaintances! In this case, the higher the overall balance of the smart contract - the greater the daily payout percentage to all investors!


Video contest!

Win Ethereum Coins by making a video about our project!

Take a video, click on the button below, send a request and wait for the weekend

At the end of each week (on Sunday) we choose the best video. All 3 winners will receive 1 ETH from us!

Good Luck!

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More input, more profit

Quick payback and high profits!

Personal bonus system for each of the depositors, the higher your contribution - the greater the daily percentage of profit you accrue!

0 ~ 2.99 ETH everyday profit = 5%
3 ~ 6.99 ETH everyday profit = 7%
7 ~ 14.99 ETH everyday profit = 10%
15 ~ 29.99 ETH everyday profit = 15%
>50 ETH everyday profit = 20%



The smart contract, according to the algorithm of which the project is working, is loaded into the Ethereum blockchain with the activated function “DISCLAIMER OWNERSHIP”. This means that no one else has access to it with the ability to influence its autonomous operation. However, DO NOT CONTRIBE LAST OR BORROWED funds to the PROJECT.
We have analyzed all current, previously existing and announced similar projects with their advantages and vulnerabilities. Taking advantage of this information, we have optimized and MAXIMIZED the financial model, allowing investors to quickly recoup their profits and earn income in the shortest time possible.
The site has a more informational function, if for any reason it stops working, it will not affect the DAILY interest.
The project is already FULLY AUTONOMOUS and lives in the network, the developers can no longer influence it.
When investing an eth referral to the Smart-contract address, you must specify the address of the referrer's ETH purse in the DATA field and the referral increases its deposit amount by 5%. The referrer receives the same bonus as the referral only in eth and not as a percentage.
Example: The referral has enclosed 5eth by specifying the address of the referrer's ETH purse in the DATA field, gets + 5% to his contribution and his contribution to the project, taking into account the bonus on the referral system, is considered as 5.25eth. The referrer's bonus depends directly on the referral's contribution. If the referrer's contribution: 10eth - he receives not + 5% to his deposit, but the same bonus amount in eth, equal to the bonus amount of the referral, namely: + 0.25eth.

contact with administration

If you have any questions or concerns, please describe them in detail. We will help you in time! The clearer your question - the more detailed our answer :)